Letter: Protect our fish

There is no point in letting our fisheries be decimated by greed and stupidity.

Letter: Alaska hire betrayal

Our governor gave up hiring requirements without firing a shot. The enemy did not even have to charge the ramparts. Sad.

Letter: Creative license

A gaggle of artists have taken action to prevent President Donald Trump from using their music at his rallies without their permission.

Letter: Action on diseases

I am just delighted to learn that our Congress has come together on behalf of fighting TB, HIV-AIDS and malaria in the developing world.

Letter: Paying dues

I would think that dropping out of paying citizenship dues (taxes) should be OK as well — for the same reason, of course.

Letter: Two paths ahead

Will we choose renewable sources of energy or will we consign our children to sickness and poor health, a diminished environment, loss of culture and a future devoid of hope?

To toke, or not to toke?

The wording of the city ballot measure for on-site marijuana smoking at pot shops is complicated, but it boils down to a simple proposition.

Clarkson’s got to go

If there’s one state worker whose job shouldn’t be protected, it’s Alaska Attorney General Kevin Clarkson’s. He’s a disgrace, and his poor legal judgments are costing Alaskans precious state funds.

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