Letter: Bad budget management

Why did the governor give Ms. Arduin so much power to make budget decisions without knowing or caring about the deleterious effects on Alaskans?

Letter: We have the power

Fellow Alaskans, are we going to let this happen? Will the future Alaska just be a place of oil wells and mines?

Letter: Budget balance

There is only one reason I want the full $3,000 dividend paid out, and that is because until it is paired with an income tax, it is simply not fair, and frankly, un-American.

Letter: On ‘death taxes’

The argument I hear from my friends is that the money has been taxed already, so the estate should not be taxed. From my perspective, this argument means they have no debt to society.

Letter: The way forward

Everyone needs to look deeply into their hearts and make a choice. Are we Alaskans, not just for today, but for the days to come and the generations that will follow?

Letter: Remembering the golden rule

Looking back over the past several years, at both the national and state levels, I have to wonder what kind of example we are setting for the children of today.

Letter: Wolf debacle

To the Alaska Board of Game, the national park is not there. It’s just a forest with prey and predators, humans among the latter. What park? What viewing?

Gov. Dunleavy is at a crossroads

I seriously doubt that if the governor concedes the PFD issue to the Legislature without a fight, there will be any chance of re-election.

Budget is an investment in Alaska

We must be vigilant to not be penny-wise and pound-foolish, harming our future generations and the future of our state for short-term savings.

Tax me. Please.

Our government is cutting the university, psychiatric care and retirement homes while a healthy 29 year-old engineer is allowed to make a net negative contribution.

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